Two Sure Fire Ways to Tick Off A Customer

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by Nancy Arsenault on March 20, 2014

1. Don’t listen to what they are saying they need – and be a solution provider.

2. Trying to upsell them something the clearly don’t want or need.

Wow, in securing a online platform that we need for our small business today I was frustrated at how my online chat ‘help’ turned facilitating a quick sale from a return customer to driving me stark-raving mad!

All I needed was an old account hooked back up again, as I had stopped service for a year as I didn’t need it. Should be easy, welcoming back a returning customer who is asking to buy something very specific. Apparently not.

Better to waste 20 minutes of their time and your staff time trying to upsell a corporate account that I didn’t need. Despite typing in multiple times I don’t need a corporate account, I need flexibility and ideally a pay-as you play (which of course isn’t an option), I finally had to type in: “I appreciate your talent in trying to upsell me but I don’t need a corporate account.” Then I got what I wanted, after one more pitch for a discount of the very thing I don’t need.

Companies work so hard to drive business down the path to purchase, repeat customers should be a dream, suggesting purchase options could receive a thank you for it may attract more customers. Not so with this company.

Do you know what your employees are doing to drive away business at the very time they should be thanking a return customer for their business?

Mystery shop yourself a few times and you may be surprised what you learn.

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