Are you doing much with your Twitter account (Nancy Arsenault, Tourism Cafe)

July 20, 2013

In a day and age of so many places to have conversations with your friends, business colleagues, and/or customers it is important that you remember a few things:

You’ll gain more benefit, insight and information from your network of ‘follows’ if you actively engage with people;
Think carefully about who you want to follow – and then actually do that! Keep an ‘info post’ minimizes your potential reach and ability to build community;
Take time to monitor your Twitter feeds, and if you are in business, the companies you admire the most, and your competitors;
Schedule time for Twitter. The beauty is it’s only 140 characters, the challenge is the ‘endless stream’ of tweets. Use the ‘list feature’ to target those top priority organizations and individuals you want to follow.
And, if you are using Twitter for business, make sure you know if your customers are using Twitter … If not, you may wish to choose one of the many places to connect online!

Brian Solis just released his new version of the conversation prism and at a glance – it lets you know how many options are out there! You don’t have to be a whiz at them all – you have to be great at the ones your customers are using.

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