How Long is Too Long Too Keep Your Customer Waiting?

by Nancy Arsenault on June 17, 2013

Have you ever been stood in a store where there are zillions of employees but only ONE person appears to have the glorious responsibility for ‘transacting’ the deal while other staff stand on and watch the line ups grow?

Or perhaps, you wanted to buy something on line and by the time you had to sign up, create an account, give more information that you want, as the company seemingly grabs more financial information from you than your accountant, you really loose interest in doing business?

Better yet, you get a response that says you will be responded to in 24 hours, but you want to buy NOW!

Are we as customers getting too demanding? I look at all the money we spend on marketing, getting customers to pay attention, like us, want our products/services/experiences but when it comes to the most critical aspect to our survival – making the sale – other things seem to be more important! The grocery staff have to stock shelves rather than help at the till, the online companies waste your time asking for information that is irrelevant to a ‘click and go’ transaction, and still other businesses, many of them in tourism, have you wait a day or two because automation is too expensive for your size of business. The challenge with that is while you aren’t adding online sales, other tourism operators are and they are a click away.

Each business has to make the decision, based on knowing their customer. But every time you don’t like your bottom line, ask yourself, how much business was lost as I didn’t close the sale? Whether a preplanned purchase, regular weekly event, or that terrific impulse buy – when the customer is ready to purchase, systems must be in place to receive the request and money!

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