Has Communication Really Changed? Or Just the Distribution Channels

by Nancy Arsenault on April 3, 2013 (taken from The Tourism Cafe.org)

Has communication really changed?
I’m often asked “How can you choose’ which online tools you should my company use?” For me the answer is simple – the ones your customers use.
The only twist is that we need to consider both the traditional method – for example a phone, AND the online methods – such as skype or an online meeting forum.
The more diverse and complex your communications, the more costs you incur for access, training, and maintaining the channel. Choose carefully.

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One Response to Has Communication Really Changed? Or Just the Distribution Channels

  1. naimeless says:

    I’ve been following you for a while – and I’m the new coordinator for the Global market in Brandon.

    We’ve also waded (head first) into social media, and are now in the process of refining which tools we use. We also have to consider traditional and online methods as many of our customers at the market don’t have regular access to online resources.

    Right now we’re concentrating on Facebook, Twitter and our website. I’ve also done Skype calls with a few people, and we’re developing Pinterest as its a great untapped resource where a lot of our customers already are.

    There are some great courses hosted by the City of Brandon, as well as Brandon University’s Rural Development program focusing on social media and communications that I haven’t had time to take part in, but they sure sound amazing from what people who have taken those courses tell me!

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