Do You Have What Open Farm Day is looking for?

Registration deadline is fast approaching to be a host for MAFRI’s Fourth Annual Open Farm Day. Hosts are being sought to make Sunday, September 15, 2013 memorable for Manitobans across the Province. DEADLINE TO REGISTER FOR A HOST FARM IS TUESDAY, APRIL 30.

Benefits as a host farm:
• Free enrolment in Open Farm Day
• Free advertising on website as well as your information in 10,000 map brochures to be distributed around Manitoba
• Resources to help host farms be prepared for Open Farm Day and all it entails
• Free walkabout to ensure your farm is safe and ready for visitors

Eligibility to participate as a host farm:
• That you operate a farm which produces a product, service or agritourism experience
• That a visit to your farm will provide an educational experience to the public
• That you not charge admission to visit the farm on Open Farm Day (however, specific activities offered on your farm may have an admission, i.e. entry to a corn maze, zipline or other activity)
• Ensure your liability coverage includes Open Farm Day activities and visitors

To enroll as a host farm for Open Farm Day:
• Call Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives at 204-821-5322 or email to receive your registration form
• Complete registration form and return to address on the registration form or email above

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