What’s Your Story

What’s your story…everyone has one, everyone can share one, but does everything believe their story should be shared? They should, but do they?
In a past newsletter of Patricia Katz, Katz has identified some ways to improve your story finding and mining skills (below)
* Set an intention to notice – When you actively look for them, the stories will appear
* Collect the gems that come your way– When Katz sees something that prompts an idea, either on scraps of paper, newspaper clipping and highlighted magazine pages, she emails it to herself – something we can all easily enough do.
* Pinpoint occasions to show your stories – Sharing experiences and insights is a great way to mentor emplolees, inspire colleagues, and parent or grandparent little ones.
* Pause to think more deeply-Ponder–What does this mean? What can I learn from this? Who else might be interested?
* Test your stories – Practice in low risk situations to boost your confidence and up the impact your stories have on others.
“once upon a time….is now! Keep your eyes peeled for today’s story, the meaning it carries, and an audience to share it with..”
Thank you Patricia Katz (Pause Ezine) for this information.

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