A Time for Experiencing

There is something to be said for Christmas, a time for bringing family and friends together to celebrate the life we have been given and to appreciate those that are special in our lives.

With Christmas, there is most certainly activity.  This provides a great opportunity to try something different, become engaged in the spirit of the time, create memories to be shared …. become involved in an Experience.

Experiential Tourism is about memorable activities, revealed over time that are inherently personal, engage the senses, and make connections on a physical, emotional, spiritual, social or intellectual level.

The staff at the Russell Inn (in Russell, MB – a part of the Asessippi Parkland Tourism area) are catering to their guests to engage their senses in a Christmas party sure to hold great memories that will be shared.

A Charles Dickens Christmas Carol is reinacted, with rooms full of props and the guests- players in the script, bring the story to life. 

Players are taken to the ‘dress room’ when they arrive and are given costumes for the characters they will be playing.

By participating in the Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, guests get to shift to a ‘different’ world, be immersed in good times and laughter and enjoy great food and drink.

The following video explains the evening in details with snipets of the characters.


Bookings can be made by calling 1.800.665.0678, Ext. 501

“When you Love to take care of people, it’s not…….you just want to create experiences…”  (R.Gray)

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