Giving Customer A Real Experience

A product is what you buy.  An experience is what you remember.

Momentum is going to shift tourism travel to a variety of experiences that are low volume, have a higher price point and more personalized.

The Canadian Tourism Commission explains “Experiential Travel engages visions in a series of memorable travel activities, that are inherently personal.  It involes all senses, and makes conections on a physical, emotional, spiritual, social or intellectual levels”

Creating an experiences taps into the senses offering the traveller to become actively involved with the surroundings, allowoing the traveler to ‘live it.

B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, authors of THE EXPERIENCE ECONOMY takes the reader to a stage, where experiences staged and it is those experiences that  makes memorable impressions.   A good and recommended read.

Are you creating that memorable experience for your customers?

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