Open Farm Day Continued

 With only 56 days left to plan your Open Farm Day route, let’s meet a few more of our Open Farm Day hosts, shall we?

Wildfire Farm at Woodmore (Tolstoi area) will be a highlight as Cory and Meagham Lomax welcome you to farm tours of 100% grass fed beef,  free range, pastured chickens, laying hens, and heritage pork.  Take the opportunity to tour their heirloom vegetable gardens.  There will also be onsite farmers’ market products available for purchase.

Next let’s take a look at Walking Plow Charlais, also in Woodmore, with hosts Cliff and Rose Graydon and family.  This beef and grain stop will allow visitors to view cattle, view farm equipment and see the products that are produced at this farm.

Our last featured farm for today includes Dan Di Alpacas located at St. Malo.  Meet hosts, Daniel and Diane Gerouard as you are taken to visit the alpacas and learn all about them, have the process of turning rawa wool into yarn explained to you. Alpaca  wool and wool products will be displayed and available for purchase while you experience the wonder of Alpacas!!

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