Going on a Virtual Tour

Over the coming weeks, we will share with you the participating host farms in this year’s Open Farm Day in Manitoba.
This week we will introduce you to three farrms:
1. Moonshadow Holsteins in St. Labre – this dairy farm will be giving guided tours all day where you can visit calf barns, milking parlour, sand-bedded barn. There will be a milking demo AND tours will be available in both English and French. When visiting there, be sure to say “Hi” to your hosts, Josh and Matt Verboog
2) At Bert, Justina and Marinus Hop’s Dairy and robotic milkers farm iat Tolstoi, fun will be had as you will see the rob milkers in action, tour the barn and visit the calves.
3) Candace Grier and Louis Guimond will welcome you to Crikside Farm at Woodmore where this dairy farm invites to you visit a Brown Swisss dairy, see regular scheduled milking being done (that is right, come on over starting at 7 AM!), See rotational grazing, visit calves, pigs, ponies cats and a dog and wonder throughout a free stall bard
Directions as well as a complete list of host farms can be found at http://www.openfarmday.com

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