Opportunity to Learn More About Farm Life

(excerpts from April 12, 2012 Press Release)

Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives and Culture, Heritage and Tourism Ministers Ron Kostyshyn and Flor Marcelino (respect.) announced Open Farm Day is an opportunity to learn more about farm life and encouraged Manitoba Farm Families to sign up.

“The role farms play in the production and processing of food and beverages, and their unique place in the agri-tourism industry is  what makes agriculture an economic driver in this province” said Kostyshyn.

“This event will also help build an important connection between consumers and the food they eat.  It also highlights the wide variety of procuts that are produced in the province” said Marcelino

Farm sites can include fruit and vegetable producers along with crop and livestock farms.  Agri-tourism, horticultural operations and agribusinesses related to farming are also invited to take part. 

To read the full release:  http://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?archive=&item=13672

To participate in Open Farm day, call MAFRI Agri-tourism hotline at 821-5322

Deadline to register as a host is April 30,2012

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