A look into the future – Trends in 2012

According to DCI 68% of American’s are planning to travel outside of the USA in 2012. Surveying these people DCI has come up with a list of 5 major influences on how people plan and take their vacations.

  1. Experience – people are looking for experiences in their travel. Of course everyone in Manitoba already knew this because we’ve been working on ‘experiential’ for a couple of years already. The experience is something that can set you apart and attract new guests.
  2. Mystery Trips – these are trips to unknown destinations the traveller’s never been too. The mystery trip must be able to deliver and experience though. For example a beach vacation doesn’t have to be Mexico, it may move to South America. These trips will be sold and booked though travel agents so make sure you’re listed with your DMO’s.
  3. Heritage Travel – finding your family roots is predicted to be a hugely increasing trend for high-end travelers. Manitoba’s small museums, towns and living history can provide a great opportunity.
  4. Tourism Dollars Matter – the tourist is increasingly sophisticated in where they spend their money. The traveller is looking to spend money locally with businesses and on experiences that benefit local economies.
  5. Cruising and Island Getaways – these are expected to rise in popularity in the coming year. These could be related to the recession fears and the need to know the final cost of a vacation before booking.

You can get the original article here. Good luck taking advantage of tha latest trends in travel and tourism for 2012.

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