Agritourism and Christmas – Our 100th Post

Agritourism operations do a lot of holidays extremely well. Halloween is the prime example, from pumpkins to haunted houses and corn mazes, farms across Canada and the USA offer some of the best, scariest, and most entertaining Halloween entertainment available.

At Christmas time though it seems like there’s a gap between the tourist and agritourism, so here’s some great examples of how farms are encouraging people to come visit over the Christmas season.

  1. Christmas Trees – This one should be fairly obvious but maybe over looked. There are several Christmas Tree farms in Manitoba, you can see their association here. They offer a variety of activities in addition to trees, sleigh rides, campfires, petting zoos, etc.
  2. Food – many agritourism operations host special holiday meals. These can range from a full four plus course meal to something more rustic cooked over an open fire. Some venues are even offering lessons on Country Christmas baking and treats.
  3. Christmas decorations – in addition to trees, many places offer custom created wreaths, ornaments and decorations or workshops where tourists get hands on and make their own.
  4. Santa Claus – what would Christmas be without Santa and imagine the experience for the tourist if Santa wereleading the sleigh ride and helping kids pick out their tree. And of course posing for pictures!

There are dozens of other ideas to incorporate this holiday into your business operations. Think about your unique opportunities and what your business does exceptionally and put a Christmas twist on it. Good luck & Merry Christmas.

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