Customer Service is Not the Answer

In a recent newsletter from John Stanley, (John was the keynote at the 2011 Direct Farm Marketing Conference) there’s a discussion about Customer Service. According to Sue Anderson of the Australian Retail Association, traditional customer service isn’t working as it used to. The expectation from consumers is good if not great service, which brings us to the concept of ‘Day Makers’. That is make the customers day. When was the last time you bought something or left a business with that happy feeling that your day got better?  What happened or didn’t happen that made you feel that way?

Most importantly how can you train/encourage staff to be ‘Day Makers’ for your customers. To do this they/you need superb customer service skills but also the time and empowerment to spend time with the customer and really understand what their needs are. Just getting your clients what they came in for probably isn’t enough to be a ‘Day Maker’. Spending a couple of minutes to understand what they’re trying to do, and then using your industry knowledge to add to, improve, or make their project easier could very well be the service that makes their day.

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