Facebook Laws

John Haydon an expert in using social media to promote non-profits has come up with 6 laws of facebook. Fortunately these laws apply equally well to agritourism operations.

  1. Engagement – this is the “viral” part of social media. A facebook/twitter/google+ user doesn’t actively search out your page. They learn about your page through friends who have some connection to you. So engage with your current customers/users and their friends will become aware of you.
  2. Native Language – speak on social media the same way you would speak to those people in person. Quoting from John “The native language of Facebook is human. It’s not Jargon, Acronym, or Brochure-speak. It’s simply the way you talk to your friends.”
  3. The Flock – the average facebook user has around 130 friends (flock) so potentially every fan you have brings all of their friends with them. Engaging your fans will encourage their flocks to join your page and the description.
  4. Law of Reason – there needs to be a reason for people to become fans of your page. You need to offer value to them. What can you offer that fans won’t be able to get by going to your website or joining a mailing list. What’s the reason for joining? This could be contests, special features, insider access or a special deal.
  5. It’s a Stage – users will usually be more engaged with a positive experience than a negative one. “Make your fans look like rock stars…”
  6. The Blessing – fans don’t trust you. Well it’s not that they don’t trust you it’s that they don’t trust marketing. You need the blessing of other fans to get through the cynicism and break down the marketing barrier.

If you would like to read the original article by John click here.

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