5 Ways to use YouTube

Here are five types of videos you can use to promote your business on YouTube:

  1. Testimonials – a video from a client or customer talking about their great experience with you. These can range from one line with one person or be a collection of comments and video.
  2. Product – these videos will explain all of your product features and why they’re so great. This clip from bucky balls is great.
  3. Training – If you’re famous for a jam or cookies your can film an instructional how-to video. These are very popular and can be a great way to build interaction with your customer. This clip shows how to cook Quinoa and is produced by the person who wrote the cook book for it.
  4. Viral Video – Well these videos may not directly sell your product they have potential to get the most hits. Something humourous or cute is often the starting point for viral videos. See this example of Charlie as an example of Viral video.
  5. Demonstrations – This video is a slightly different take on the how-to. A demonstration could include a customer who is using your product in an exceptional way. A chef using and talking about your product to create an amazing dish might be an example. Here WD-40 explains some of their new products.
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