Open Farm Day – Sign Up Before April 30

Forms are now available for any Manitoba Farms, Agritourism Operators, and Direct Market Operations who would like to be a host on September 18, for Manitoba’s Second Open Farm Day.

Open Farm Day is a day set aside for farmers and consumers to connect with each other.  The event allows participating farmers to showcase their products, services or attractions. 

Open Farm Day educates Manitoban’s about local food, farms and the agriculture industry.  Encouraging urban consumers to travel to these farms will contribute to the vitality of rural areas and increase the awareness of the agritourism industry

The basic requirements for participation are below:

1) That you operate a farm which produces a product, service or agritourism experience.

2) That a visit to your farm will provide an educational experience to the public.

3) That you not charge admission to visit the farm on Open Farm Day (specific activities offered on your farm, however, may have an admission, i.e. entry to a corn maze, zipline or other activity).

For more information or to get the sign up forms contact Karen Walker-Tibble, 204-821-5322 or by email

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