More Social Media Tools

As discussed in the building your social media presence workshops that have been running around the province, there’s a ton of different venues for you to find and use one that works for your business. So here are a couple of different options.

1. Claim your business profile on Yelp. Yelp is  essentially filling the role the yellow pages used to, with the added bonus of also serving as a review and ranking site of listed businesses.

2. Improve your business search results with a listing on Google Places. Yes we’ve talking about getting your listing put into Google before, and it’s not technically a new tool. But it has changed, and is still the absolute easiest least time-consuming option to do something for your business. Google maps listings are now known as Google Places, the places upgrade improves the ease of use and helps integrate advertising if you choose to use online ads. Use this link to get started with listing your business.

3. Engage with other experts in your field on Quora. Another new tool, Quora allows you to pose and answer questions in your field of expertise. Quora will link with your other sites to let fans/followers/users know when you provide an answer and ideally will help make you a recognized expert in your field.

4. Create big value with a very small camera. Create video! A point that was also highlighted at the DFM conference, short videos 30 secs to 3 min are a potential marketing goldmine. Create videos that will benefit your customer, by providing information, teaching something, or just showing how your operations work. Take a look on you tube for videos from people in your industry and what’s working for them.

5. Join or create a group for local events on Meetup. Meetup allows you to create an open invitation to a meeting/event, that will be promoted to your social networks and also other people in the area who have an interest in the topic.

Original full length article is available here:

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