Finding Good Ideas … Without Leaving Home

The internet provides many opportunities to explore agritourism operations from the comfort of your home.  The recently launched blog highlights agritourism operations in the Ottawa area.  Written by Lara Bender, the blog profiles businesses based on her experience when she visited the farm.  In keeping with the holiday season, Bender’s recent posts focus on businesses providing Christmas themed products.  The most recent business showcased on the blog is Kings Creek Trees and Ornamentals.  This business which has operated as a nursery for some time, has just started growing Christmas trees and do not have their own stock for sale.  They bring in Christmas trees to sell at their business and offer evergreen wreathing workshops in November and December.  They also offer workshops to create Christmas centre pieces and urns.  The growing Christmas trees are unique evergreens that will grow in the Ottawa climate giving them a unique product to sell to customers.  The nursery sells perennials and ornamental grasses and exotic thistles.  In response to local government regulations to create buffer zones around residential housing, King’s Creek has stocked up on wetland species that can be purchase to re-establish natural ground cover around rivers and lakes.  This business profiles shows how important it is to keep up with trends and offer products your customer needs while diversifying into a year round operation. 

Lara Bender, has taken a sabbatical to write an agritourism guide for the National Capital Region.  An agritourism experience from her childhood, encouraged her to write the guide.  You never know how your visitors will be impacted by visiting your business.  More information on Bender and her project are available on the blog.

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One Response to Finding Good Ideas … Without Leaving Home

  1. larabender says:

    Thank you for posting this article about my website! I will be posting a lot more content over the coming months as I write up my notes from the 100+ agritourism visits I completed over the last few months. To be notified about new blog entries, please sign up for my blog feed on the site, or follow me on Twitter at #AgritourismOtt.

    All the best to our Manitoba neighbours!

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