A toolkit for Tourism

“A product is what you buy; an experience is what you remember.”

This quote aptly covers the content of the Experience Nova Scotia: A Toolkit, an online resource launched in the spring of 2010 by Nova Scotia Tourism Culture and Heritage, Tourism Division.  While all the examples, branding and consumer research is Nova Scotia based, the toolkit provides really solid information for those wanting to create tourism experiences.  The worksheets included in the toolkit are very useful and worth the time to visit the website and view.

The toolkit consists of several chapters and this following is a brief listing of some of the chapters: 

  1. Assessing Experience Opportunities – includes worksheets on brainstorming experiences you can provide
  2. Developing Experiences – worksheets focused on planning itineraries, packaging, partnership agreements and pricing.
  3. Tools of Engagement – practical information on marketing mix and positioning in the marketplace
  4. Evaluation – worksheets on tracking and calculating your return on marketing investment

The toolkit encourages experience providers to keep the provincial tourism brand and core experiences in mind when planning.  In Nova Scotia the core experiences are seacoast, outdoor, culture, cuisine, heritage and urban.  When using the toolkit keep in mind the core experiences branding by Travel Manitoba which are family vacations, couple vacations, arts and culture, outdoor adventure, fishing and hunting.

The toolkit can be found at: http://www.gov.ns.ca/TCH/pubs/ExperienceToolkitApril2010.pdf

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