Customer Service – Cheat Sheet


Have you ever walked into a store and felt so aggravated that the sales person passed you by or when they couldn’t point you in the right direction to find what you are looking for?  It can be mind numbing!

Customer service is a critical component to any business where you working with the public.

Positive interactions between your guests and staff will help ensure that:

  • customers’ expectations are satisfied, (if not exceeded)
  • visitors spread positive word of  mouth about your business; and
  • they return for future business

Positive customer service makes everyone feel good about what they are experiencing.  Whether it is that smile, listening, determining what the customer is expecting, asking questions of the visitor to determine what they really want and expect, or reacting to customer cues, all are important to providing a great experience.

What is Customer Service?

  • Caring for customers wants and needs
  • Understand our customers and constantly work to understand them more
  • Talk to our customers on a regular basis, and seek suggestions from them whenever possible
  • Offer to and actually help our customers, both pro-actively and re-actively
  • Stay friendly with customers and do our best to develop relationships with our them
  • Relate to our customers and do our best to try to understand and empathize with their issues

It’s normal that we get complaints about some aspect of our business, whether it be a lack of knowledge on the employer/employee part, not fulfilling expectations, not offering what some people think should be offered, etc.  Everyone needs to remember that a complaint is an opportunity to do something better, a challenge to improve upon.

As we move a little closer to Open Farm Day, remember and apply the many facets of delivering excellent customer service.

Resources for your reference:

(1)     Cultivating Agritourism:  Tools and Techniques for Building Success  Canadian Farm Business Management Council, 2004, Ottawa, Ontario

(2)     Manitoba Best Service , Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC), 2009, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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