Safety – Cheat Sheet

Today I want to remind you of SAFETY – for you, your staff and your visitors.

 To encourage safety on your farm:

  • Be sure that you have nothing lying around that could potentially cause harm.  Unless, barbed wire,  posts or boards with and without sharp edges, pieces of farm equipment are being used for its intended purpose and properly installed , they should not be lying around for someone to potentially trip over and / or hurt themselves on.
  • Designated areas should be identified for the visitors, including directions on where to park.
  • Areas where no admittance is desired should be closed off, eg barn or shed doors closed, areas where equipment is operating and any other hazards should be away from the public.
  • Chemicals should be properly labeled and stored. This one isn’t just for visitors.
  • Animals should be in their pens where they are safe from visitors and vice versa. If you have animals that guests can interact with you may want to have them in separate pens that are easily accessible and convenient for your visitors.
  • You may want to keep dogs away from visitors or tied up during Open Farm Day as to not scare, intimidate or harm visitors. 

Remember everyone will be ‘strangers’ and some may not have been to a farm before, and most visitors will appreciate knowing what they can touch and where they’re allowed to go.

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