Come to the Fair

It just wouldn’t be summer without going to the fair!  Fairs are happening across Manitoba between June and October. The fair is a great way to experience and support the agricultural community.  Why not take part and enjoy the family fun, friendly competition and educational experiences. 

 Fairs are a great opportunity for those in the agritourism industry to share your knowledge and to create experiences for your guests.  A fair provides an excellent way to showcase agriculture production and the food that we eat. Who can resist a homemade Saskatoon pie!  And of course you could be the one to take guests through the process of making that pie, right from picking the saskatoons to serving it.

 There are many other fun things to do at the fair: pancake breakfasts, cattle and horse shows, ballgames, fireworks, agricultural demonstrations, displays of crafts, sewing, baking, plants etc, visiting with your neighbours, meeting new friends, delicious local food and much, much more. All of these present an opportunity for your agritourism operation to offer a new activity to your guests and offer a very authentic experience, that can’t be duplicated.

 Enjoy your summer and hope to see you at the fair!

 For your copy of the Manitoba Fair Guide go to your local GO office or you can find it at

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