Eastman GPS Challenge

The 4th Annual Eastman GPS Challenge is starting soon, on July 16, 2010. This year’s event will run for three weeks to give geocachers enough time to ensure they can visit as many of the locations as they can that are in this event.

The businesses that are involved in this year’s challenge are all from the “Packaging With Partners” workshop that was offered by MAFRI and Travel Manitoba held in the Southeast area. They will each have a hidden cache on their property which holds trivia pertaining to each location. While participants are finding the cache, they are more than welcome to take part in the many activities each place has to offer. This is a great way to bring people out to these wonderful places to promote their business and for people to learn about the great attractions rural Manitoba has to offer. This event has a major focus on agritourism and the promotion of this exciting industry.

The businesses that are participating this year include:

• ORoseau Campgrounds with George Beaudry – this is an exciting historical campground just on the Roseau River in Senkiw. With beautiful trails and beaches on the Crow Wing trail, George reenact’s historical characters and gives campers a fun experience which brings them back to the days of settlers.

• Steinbach Corn Maze and Adventures with Gord Blatz – much more than just a corn maze. Kids can try out many activities including go carts, RC racers, a teepee, and mini mazes.

• Stonelane Orchard with Kim Shukla – This location offers a beautiful orchard and focuses on garden marketing.

• Horseback River Trails with Dan and Lisa McLeod – Located in Otterburne, this place offers day camps for kids and riding lessons for people of all ages. Take a tour on horseback through beautiful trails with the theme of Narnia.

• Penner Pumpkins with Shirley Penner – Aside from garden marketing, this place has fun activities for families as they travel through the scarecrow forest or try out the zip line or many other fun activities.

• All Ages Eco Adventures with Myron Lamaga – A wonderful a tour through nature in the Hadashville area.

• Sophie’s Restaurant with Pat Klaprat – this restaurant features a wide variety of authentic Ukrainian cuisine just outside of Hadashville.

• Country Relax’n B&B with Linda Elias – this gorgeous place in Roseau River is a peaceful country retreat for those who need to get away from their busy lives and have some time to relax. Country Relax’n B&B offers delicious food and wonderful massages for those who desire a little more relaxing.

• Wild Edible Adventures with Laura Reeves is an interesting and fun tour on the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in Gardenton. She takes you on a tour of the prairie and shows you all the plants that are edible. After everyone gathers the ingredients she teaches the group recipes for everyone to make and enjoy.

• St. Pierre Museum is a historical place featuring the cabane a sucre where people can learn how maple syrup is made and some history of the French-Canadian culture.

• Rainbow Ridge Ranch with Dan Fehr is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast with log cabins next to a creek in Grunthal. He also keeps busy with his log furniture company and gives wonderful tours of his facility and how the furniture is made.

• Debonair Campground is located just out of St. Malo and owned by Agnes Gosselin. This place offers a beautiful beach and hot tub for loads of family fun.

This tour is a great way for friends and families to spend some time together over the summer and enjoy Manitoba’s sites. With this list of wonderful businesses being a part of the challenge, this is sure to be a hit once again with all of the participants. If your business has an opportunity to participate in an event such as this that partners with other attractions in the area, this is a great way to gain further experience in dealing with customers and attracting a new clientele.

If you are interested in learning more about packaging, contact your local MAFRI agritourism representative.

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