Farmers’ Market coming soon to MB near you!

Farmers’ Markets will soon be in full swing. A provincial guide map showing where the markets are and their hours of operation will be available in the next few weeks. You can also check the MAFRI website for the list, as well as the U-Pick guide, at

Farmers’ Markets provide a great shopping opportunity for consumers, as well as an Agritourism opportunity for producers to sell their products. Communities benefit by increased traffic flow. Farmers’ Markets range from Le Marche St. Norbert, a large semi-weekly event, to smaller one-time seasonal events in rural communities. Whatever the size of market, there are guidelines that organizers and vendors must follow. These guidelines are available on the Farmers’ Market Association of Manitoba website at

People visit Farmers’ Markets for several reasons: freshness, support local producers, sense of community and learn about the product. Why do you go to a Farmers’ Market?

I ‘m going to make a commitment this summer to visit each Farmers’ Market in my area at least once, and help support the local producers, socialize with my neighbours, and enjoy fresh, tasty, local food!

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