Fourth Annual Eastman GPS Challenge

Geocaching is a popular new activity that can be enjoyed by anyone. Similar to going on a treasure hunt, adventurers are taken on an exciting tour while they locate the coordinates using a hand-held GPS.

Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives has already hosted three annual GPS Challenges which focus on the agri-tourism industry in Eastern Manitoba. During the first Challenge, participants located hidden caches which were sponsored by rural businesses. During the next challenge, participants were to answer a bit of trivia about each location as they discovered the destination. Last year, the challenge took participants on a tour of Eastern Manitoba’s rural sites and businesses from the Whiteshell to the U.S. border. Participants were asked to test their photography skills as they found the coordinates for each location in order to be entered in a photo contest. The photos were given back to each location to use in promotion of their business.

We are excited to be hosting the 4th Annual GPS Challenge to take place over a weekend during the beginning of August. We are hoping to find ten to fifteen agri-tourism operations that will give participants a true agricultural adventure when they arrive at the given coordinates. If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity to bring new tourists to your operation by marketing it through this unique event and are from Eastern Manitoba, and would like details on how you can get involved, please contact either Joy Lorette or Robyn Stefanchuk by May 31.

Joy Lorette

Ph:  392-7268

Robyn Stefanchuk

Ph:  371-9185

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