Locals Know

Launched by the Canadian Tourism Commission in 2009, the Locals Know advertising campaign encourages travelers to “Discover the Canada You Don’t Know”.  The premise behind the campaign is for travelers to submit photos or videos of great places they visit that only locals know about.  Promoting these local gems encourages people to visit places not traditionally promoted by destination marketing organizations. 


The website www.localsknow.ca shows 35 summertime spots in Manitoba, the highest viewed spot to date is a blue sky, blue water, white sand, people having a good time shot of Grand Beach.  The second most viewed – a picture of prairie grasses moving in the wind in Minnedosa valley with the caption “And you thought Manitoba was flat”.  The pictures on the website are unique as they are amateur in nature and taken from the perspective of the visitor. These are pictures of what they experienced shared for others to enjoy. Along with pictures the website also promotes travel packages.  Travellers are encouraged to place their photographs on the website through a contest which offers some of the packages as prizes. 


How can you get your business on the website?  Share the website address with your customers. They will appreciate the information and great new places to visit, and by encouraging them to share pictures of your business or community they could win great travel prizes.  While it may be tempting to add a picture of your business as a pseudo traveller, avoid doing this to ensure the integrity of the promotion remains as an opportunity for travelers created by travelers.   Don’t forget, in the travel industry we have to make time to travel ourselves so don’t forget to post pictures of your Manitoba travels on this website. 




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