“Packaging with Partners” Workshop

Why Package?

More and more, tourists are turning to packages to help them book their holiday. 


Packages combine everything a tourist wants together and is sold as one unit making it easier and more convenient for the tourist to find and buy the kind of experience they seek.  A package can be compared to a “one-stop-shop” often at one, all-inclusive price. 


While packaging is good for tourists, it can also be part of a good business strategy.


Together with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI), Travel Manitoba is offering workshops for those in tourism interested in working with others to package new experiences.


Through this workshop the stage will be set to introducing packaging, what packaging is, reasons for packaging, who is looking for packages, defining package components and pricing the package. Throughout the day, participants will be able to think about what is talked about and will work through the considerations necessary for developing an effective package.


Participants will also have the opportunity to pick an idea and run through the process of developing a package that will provide the framework for further developing their package ideas.


The cost to participate is $10 and pre-registration is required. The first workshop to be offered will be Monday, April 12 at the RM of Hanover Office near Steinbach. For more information on this workshop or one near you, contact your local MAFRI Agri-tourism representatives:


Karen Walker-Tibble – South Parkland GO Team

Russell @ 204-821-5322    Karen.walker-tibble@gov.mb.ca


Joanne Baker – South West GO Team

Virden @ 204-851-2481  Joanne.baker@gov.mb.ca


Angela Pearen Burnside – Central Plains GO Team

Gladstone @ 204-871-7356     Angela.pearenburnside@gov.mb.ca


Danielle Cabernel – Pembina GO Team

Somerset @ 204-825-4245  Danielle.cabernel@gov.mb.ca


Joy Lorette – Eastman GO Team

Steinbach @ 204-392-7268 Joy.lorette@gov.mb.ca


Chris Hornby – North Interlake GO Team

Arborg @ 204-641-1456 Chris.hornby@gov.mb.ca

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