Social Networking

Does your business use social networking? If your not you probably should be. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and others are some of the quickest easiest ways to connect with your customers.

Facebook is the largest social network right now with 300+ million members. It’s based on sharing with friends. Facebook has over 12 million Canadian members. That means that 1 in 3 people who visit your operation are Facebook users. You could be keeping your guests up to date about the latest happenings at your business with a simple Fan Page. Check here for instructions on how to set up a Fan Page.

How about that Twitter thing you hear about it every day. Twitter is a “micro blogging” service that lets you send short “tweets” to people who follow you. Twitter is growing fast and great for updating people on time sensitive information. Fruit growers may Tweet about the Berries being ready this morning, while a wildlife viewing operation may let everyone know that a Grey Owl is visiting right now.

Social networking is going to continue to grow, and if your not there your customers will forget about you as the competiton keeps them informed. Take a look at these options, and if you’re not sure about how to get setup email us.

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