Free Stuff from the CTC

Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is offering an opportunity for our tourism operators & partners to advertise travel offers on the Locals Know & Secretd’ici websites. Offers will be hosted in the Deals section.

This is a free opportunity to participate in the CTC’s Summer 2010 domestic campaign. The offers posted must be deals that reflect true value for customers. For example:

    Price point with added value *OR*
    30% off or more *OR*
    Bonus (2 for 1, 3rd night free, etc)

Deadline: March 8th 2010.

Any deal submitted after this date will be processed later in the campaign and will not be live for the launch.

3 easy steps to submit a deal:

     1. Create an account
     2. Enter the Deal(s) in both French and English in the system. You will also need to add a picture and your logo for each deal you submit. You have until March 8th.
     3. Submit – our team will review the deal & post it on the website, if approved

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