2010 Trends

Five trends that will affect us in 2010;

  1. Value, tourists will continue to use the Internet to find the best value for their tourist dollars.
  2. The Internet is still tops for tourists looking for options. Look at revamping your website this year to incorporate Web 2.0 tools. If you don’t have a website setup a Facebook Fan page or blog.
  3. The recession is still fresh in tourists minds. They’ll be looking for low cost opportunities, often closer to home. This is a prime chance to market your business and products to local residents and the urban market.
  4. Environmentally Friendly tourism is coming. We’ve seen worldwide summits on climate and greenhouse gases. Tourists are starting to look for environmentally friendly venues to visit. Be careful though because most tourist surveys still say that visitors aren’t willing to pay a premium for being green, they just expect  operators to already be doing it.
  5. Homecoming 2010, if you haven’t set up an event to take advantage of the Homecoming celebrations, it’s time to do that. Check www.manitobahomecoming2010.com to see where you can fit in.
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