5 Agri-Tourism Activities

#1 Farm Stands – Where you sell your product direct to customers. Usually this is done from a roadside stand, but sometimes is a more formal storefront type operation.

#2 On Farm Events – These can range from school tours to festivals. Some interesting events from other places include, the “World Basset Hound Races” or the “World Pumpkin Chukin Championships

#3 U-Picks – In Manitoba U-Picks are the most common form of Agri-Tourism, and offer many opportunities to bring guests to your farm. U-Picks in MB offer a variety of activities from petting zoo’s to school tours.

#4 Cut Your Own X-Mas Tree – Manitoba is in a unique situation where most people know where they can go cut their own X-Mas tree, but there is an opportunity for a someone to offer an “Environmentally Sustainable & Organic” tree farm

#5 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – CSA’s are a new concept where community members buy a share of your farm produce. In MB the Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative is an example of CSA

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