Circle Tours

A circle tour is a self guided tour where the tourist ends up back at their starting location. Circle tours in agri-tourism generally mean a tourist gets a map marking agri-tourism operations and the route that take them there, and proceeds on that route to visit several different venues over the trip.

Circle tours have a big potential in Manitoba because of Winnipeg. Our rural communities have opportunity to attract Winnipeg tourists, if they are provided with opportunity for a days worth of entertainment.

Other areas in Canada have had great success with circle tours to promote agri-tourism;

  • runs out of BC and is comprised of 6 communities promoting their tours as one. Each community has a brochure listing their specific tour and businesses available to tourists.
  • is a program from the Ottawa valley where participating farms open for a couple of specific weekends every summer. These farms range from wineries to wild game, to u-picks.

In Manitoba one of the most popular circle tours is the “Wave Tour” This tour consist of 2 weekends a year where artists open their doors to the public to show how they create their art and showcase their wares.

If you think you have an idea for a circle tour or an agri-tourism business in your area, contact your local GO team for information and help getting started.

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