3rdAnnual Eastman GPS


“Capturing Rural Manitoba Moments on Camera”

July 10 – August 7, 2009




This year’s GPS Challenge, which will be held from July 10 to August 7, 2009, will consist of a photo competition between all participants. You will be asked to take a picture near a specific set of coordinates that shows off your creativity as you capture the beauty, fun, and all that rural Eastern Manitoba has to offer. Be as creative as possible!! The sky is the limit when it comes to what you would like to capture!


The more sites you visit the better the chance you have at winning one of five prizes as the winners will be chosen by a draw. Also, don’t miss out on the 3rd Annual Eastman GPS Challenge & Manitoba Homecoming 2010 Special Offer which will increase your chances of winning one of these amazing prize packs plus put your name in for an amazing offer courtesy of Manitoba Homecoming 2010! Further details will be sent to you along with the Challenge Guide and additional information once you sign up

To check out the Homecoming offer, visit www.manitobahomecoming2010.com which will be coming soon for more details


The goal of the challenge is to introduce you to the people, places, sites, and events in the area. For this event you are required to have a vehicle, camera (digital or not), and a GPS unit. We ask that you please be aware of wildlife, road conditions, pedestrians, and other vehicles, and that you follow all traffic rules and regulations. The objectives are to have fun and learn about and explore Eastern Manitoba.



Rules and Regulations

·         The challenge must be completed between July 10 and August 7, 2009. Photos must be submitted by August 10, 2009. (Note: If mailing please ensure entries will be received in our office by August 10, 2009.)

·         Registrations will be accepted until August 3, 2009, however, note that you will be restricted visiting some locations due to limited times of operation. Photos must be submitted and received in our office by August 10, 2009 to be eligible for prizes.

·         Only one entry per household and/or team.

·         Those who won will be notified by August 14, 2009. (All decisions are final)

·         Winners’ names and photographs will be posted on www.manitobaagritourism.ca.


There is no entry fee to take part, however please note that some locations may charge a fee if you choose to take part in various activities they offer, products they sell, possible entrance fees, etc.



If you are interested in participating, please contact:

Robyn Stefanchuk

Email: Robyn.Stefanchuk@gov.mb.ca

Phone: 204-346-6083


Please provide the following information:

·        Group leader’s First and Last Name

·        Team Name

·        Mailing and Email Address

·        Phone Number

·         Fax Number (optional)


All the information and the Challenge Guide containing the coordinates will be sent to you after you contact Robyn Stefanchuk to register (information listed below).


Note: If you do not have a GPS of your own, don’t worry! Rent one of ours! Contact Robyn Stefanchuk for further details.

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