Creating A Wow Statement

Thirty seconds is sometimes all the time you have to promote your agri-tourism business to a potential customer. Commonly called an elevator speech (conversations on elevators last approximately 30 seconds) a WOW statement is a great way to introduce yourself and your product to customers.


Begin with your name and your relationship to the business. Make it exciting, one owner of an agri-tourism business in Ontario introduces himself as the “President of Fun!”  Once you have introduced yourself, share the highlights of your business such as what product you offer, and the benefits to the consumer. The key is to sell the benefits to the consumer. End your WOW statement with an action such as “Would you like a brochure?” or “Check out our website.” and give the person your business card. 


Here’s an example:

My name is Joe Smith. My family and I own ABC farm in the best province in the country Manitoba. Our farm is a fun place for families and we have a large petting zoo filled with friendly and cute farm animals. Our donkey’s name is Zoe and she stands real still for pictures, everyone takes a picture with Zoe, it is a great reminder of your visit to our farm. We have great home cooked food using Manitoba made products and everyone loves to sit under the trees, enjoy the good food, the peace and quiet of the farm while enjoying time with their families. Here is our brochure, I sure hope you can come and visit us, if you do, show us this brochure and we will give you 10% off admission.



The Canada Manitoba Business Service Centre offers seminars regularly by video conference. The concept of a WOW statement comes from the Trade Show Selling Seminar. Visit their website at for a schedule of video conferences that are telecast around Manitoba.

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