Protecting Your Assets

From speaking with various operators, producers and others we have found that “Insurance” is a major issue for small businesses looking to have guests visit their businesses.

Over the past year we have had a two insurance brokers visit Manitoba to speak about protecting your assets with the appropriate insurance coverage. Both providers spoke at length about being open and upfront with your insurance broker. It is up to you to make sure that your insurance provider knows everything that is offered to guests. Both providers listed below offer self check programs in order to make this process easier for everyone.

Remember “Insurance Costs, but having none costs more.” To cut back on your insurances is not the way to save money, a minor accident can be a major cutback on your savings, and a serious illness can mean bankruptcy.

Take a look at your current insurance policy and see what you are covered for, what you’d like to be covered for, and what the coverage costs. Below are two insurance companies that are experienced dealing with Agri-Tourism coverages, feel free to give them a call to discuss your coverage.

Robert Fiume, Capri Insurance
204-1835 Gordon Drive, Kelowna, BC

Nick Di Perno, Adventure Insurance
300-1497 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC
1-866-889-4763 ext. 22

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