Agri-Tourism Best Practices Tours

The 2008 Manitoba Agri-Tourism Best Practices Tours were a success. Two tours were run highlighting the some of the best practices for Agri-Tourism in Manitoba.

The western tour ran on Sept 30, from Brandon and covered 5 stops. Erny’s Little House, Big Ears Donkey Ranch, Busted Boot, Dusty Mile Outfitters and Cafe Bru. All of the stops delivered something different, with best practices ranging from excellent signage to special events and partnerships.

Some of the comments from tour participants were;

– Cafe Bru highlighted staying healthy so you can look after your guests

– Tour participants were told about tourists wants, for example ” people wanting to connect with nature”

The eastern tour ran on Oct 1, from Winnipeg, with stops at A Maze in Corn, Danny’s Whole Hog BBQ, Boonstra Farms, and Rubber Ducky Resort. One of the highlights of the eastern tour was that all of the businesses visited gave up full time jobs to take on agri-tourism and their businesses.  Best practices on the eastern tour included, systems management, food safety, and marketing.

Comments from the eastern tour;

– I am really glad I came, great ideas from successful businesses

– It (the tour) gave us iedeas we can use to expand our business

All of the participants received a workbook for the day with information about each stop including their best practices, the books also had some questions related to each stops best practice and how you can implement that best practice at your business.

We would like to thank all of the tour stops and particpants and look forward to working with all of you in the future.

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